J. Anthony Bryan


If you have been accused of a crime, speak to no one until you have consulted with an attorney of your choice.

There are several reasons you should consider choosing me as your attorney:

  • If you hire me you get me, not some recent law school graduate.
  • I’ve been successfully representing criminal defendants for over forty years.  I have also been a prosecutor, so I know how things work on both sides of a case.
  • I am highly skilled in criminal defense and keep current on the latest criminal defense developments and techniques.
  • I am a trial attorney.  I actually prepare defenses and take cases to trial – not like some attorneys who
    simply enter plea bargains in most or all of their cases.
  • I am accessible.  Like all trial attorneys, I am often in court and can’t immediately come to the phone; however, I always make sure my clients can get in touch with me through my office 861-8050 or on my cell phone 330-2526.
  • Your first consultation is free.  We can meet and discuss your case at no cost to you.
  • I will aggressively defend you.  I have been described by the Bakersfield Californian as the “Courtroom Tornado,” and I was the winner of the Atticus Finch Award for “unwavering commitment to his clients and the law.”
  • I am an expert on defending those accused of sex crimes.  In fact, I wrote
  •  the book on post-conviction relief for those convicted of sex offenses.
  • I am an expert on the criminal process.  In fact, I wrote the Second Edition of Handbook for the Accused.

Please, consider purchasing one or more of the law books I helped write:


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Looking for the electronic version of California Criminal Defense Motions in Limine?Answer a few simple questions, pay a small fee ($100), and we will create a completely customized set of pleadings from California Criminal Defense Motions in Limine. Each pleading will be in its own Microsoft Word file and will have customized heading information as well as your name on the signature line. The completed pleadings will be sent to you via Google Drive. Most orders are fulfilled in just a day or two, but please wait at least a week before calling because these are completely custom pleadings that are edited one set at a time to your specifications.

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It is with great sadness we report that Attorney, Marine, and Friend, J. Anthony Bryan, passed away the early morning hours of May 20, 2020.

If you need access to his files or help finding an attorney, please, contact his paralegal, Victor, at 661-303-8806.